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Tool choice for math number and symbol manipulation

Of course while learning math I have to do a lot of exercises using brain, pen and paper. When doodling and maybe also sometimes while learning 😉 I want some of the work done by a computer, therefore I tried … Continue reading

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Tool choice for math note taking, summaries, home work …

Note taking with pen and paper, with a stylus on a tablet, using keyboard and note taking app on a tablet … what did I do and where am I going for now. No requirements study, just a couple of … Continue reading

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Fermat’s Last Theorem – Simon Singh

Joy from all angles. With titbits and tidbits, which you might or might not have known, like for example we still didn’t proof whether or not there are slightly excessive numbers. Useful for understanding numbers, useless according to dandy Hardy, … Continue reading

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Weapons of Math Destruction – Cathy O’Neil

What it is about, Wikipedia, with a bit of kris, says it clearly enough: O’Neil, a mathematician or how she calls herself math babe (, analyses how the use of big data and algorithms in a variety of fields, including … Continue reading

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So sad, young mathematician killed

This really makes my stomach turn. You can’t really trust news, but this comes in from several sources and this source seams trustworthy to me

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AI gives mathematicians new insight into knots

Dutch: English:

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I was wondering what the focus point and directrix of a general parabola would be. So I took pen and paper for an interlude. I’m working through Adams Calculus a Complete Course ninth edition; on page 19 the parabola with … Continue reading

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