Hands-on start to Wolfram Mathematica – and Programming with Wolfram language — by Hastings, Mischo and Morrison

The first few hundred pages you are enthusiastic what is all possible with Wolfram products, during these pages you must have met chapters that are of no interest to you and you got the feeling it scratches surfaces, but nowhere breaks through. Then you get mixed feeling between ‘fun, this is possible’ and ‘I want to know more, and irritation because of the many trivial exercises’ and at the end you have the feeling that an overview could have done much more efficient.

And by the way the subtitle ‘Programming with the language’ is a farce, for sure if you know that there is only one chapter on programming, 22 pages out of 552 and that # &, @, /@ are skipped.

Three books on Mathematica, and Wolfram Language to go … hope there is better out there!?

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